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Recent Articles

  1. PIC PWM: Easy Pulse width Modulation on the PIC Micro.

    Mar 17, 18 05:45 AM

    PIC PWM : What its for and how to use it. Including an example showing typical setup of a PIC PWM module with register settings.

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  2. The Essential I2C Tutorial: All you need to know about I2C...

    Mar 13, 18 05:07 AM

    How to use I2C. In this tutorial you will learn all about the 2 wire I2C serial protocol. Learn how easy it is to use, how it works and when to use it...

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  3. PIC LCD volt meter : How to use the ADC for voltage measurement.

    Mar 12, 18 05:36 AM

    A 0-5V LCD volt meter project using an HD44870 display and one PIC micro ADC.

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