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Recent Articles

  1. 74hc595

    Apr 02, 17 03:11 AM

    74HC595 : How to add nearly unlimited outputs to any microcontoller.

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  2. Using the MAX6675 or How to easily measure Extreme temperatures

    Jan 04, 17 01:28 AM

    How to use the MAX6675 and an Arduino to measure temperatures from 0°C to 1024°C with two components: A chip - the MAX6675, and a Sensor: - a type-K thermocouple.

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  3. How to use the DHT22 (or DHT11) with an Arduino; full code and description. Also including a comparison of the DHT11 vs DHT22.

    Nov 15, 16 03:08 AM

    The Essential Guide to the DHT22/11 humidity sensor including a library code guide for the Arduino. Learn how to determine Humidity, Dew point and Heat Index.

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