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  1. A frequency counter using timers built into microcontrollers.

    Oct 15, 14 02:54 PM

    How to make a frequency counter working up to about 50MHz, using a pic microcontroller.

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  2. Color Sensing Circuit

    Oct 08, 14 05:07 AM

    Color sensing circuit : How to use three LEDs to detect color using a microcontroller

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  3. Pic Micro Tips and Techniques.

    Sep 17, 14 08:36 AM

    Here you can find pic micro circuits and software examples to help you design your systems.

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This pic c compiler tutorial shows you how to compile MikroC C source code files.

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This pic c compiler tutorial shows you how to re-compile source code using the MikroC compiler - it is not intended as an in depth look at compiling in general.

Re-compilation is only needed to examine or change the code as the ZIP files found on this site already contain the hex file for programming the chip.

MikroC main screen

MikroC has quite a few controls but for this compiler tutorial you only need to consider a few of them.

Re-compiling the source files

Download the ZIP file and extract its contents to your directory e.g. create the directory c:\\mikroC\\.

In this directory you will have files with extensions .c, .h ,.hex ,.ppc. The .ppc is the project file that you select from mikroC using the Open project button:

Open Project

open project mikroC

Navigate to your stored files and select the .ppc extension. This loads the project.

Edit Project

If you want to change the project settings e.g. the chip type, oscillator frequency or other chip parameters then hit the 'Edit Project' button :

edit project mikroC


Next hit the compile button:

compiling mikroc C source


A dialog box will popup showing the compilation status.

When the compile finishes (and if successful) you should see something similar to the following:

mikroc compiler success

Now there should now be a lot more files in the original directory and the hex file will have been updated.

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