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Polyester capacitors

Polyester capacitors use a polyester dielectric and they are ideally suited to decoupling or bypass applications

Note: Connect a polyester 100nF capacitor close to each power supply/ground of each IC to reduce noise and improve circuit operation.

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They are not suited to high precision as their tolerance is not too good ranging from ±10%, to ±20% depending on the type.

They come in many different shapes and sizes but one of the most common types is the orange drop: 

orangedrop polyester capacitor

Typical polyester Temperature Curve

The capacitor value will also change with temperature.  Here's a typical graph of the change of capacitance with temperature:

polyester capacitor temperature curve[ceram]

Get some bargain polyesters from Ebay

Here's a selection of polyester caps that you can buy on Ebay 

Just click on the capacitor you want and start bidding.

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