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Note ALL these items are digital download ONLY there is no physical hardware shipped.
You have to get the hardware together (see below for why).

Click to add to cart : PIC 18F Training course in Forth
(NB I have to set this manually so email me - you get a PDF showing completed action but I still need to do a manual update)

Click to add to cart : PIC C Course

Click to add to cart : State Machine Secrets

Click to add to cart : PIC Interrupt Secrets

All the above items are set at the current prices except for the last two which are half price.

Click each item and wait for paypal to update - you will see each item listed in the paypal window that opens. If you accidentally add to many remove an item until there is one in that window. You will then be able to make a one-off payment after all items show a total of one each.

Regards John Main

Here is some more information on the PIC C Programming course (also applies to the others as well).

The course is a digital download only
otherwise it would cost far more because
there would be shipping to pay for component
procurement, pcb design and manufacture,
printing and publishing of a manual, creation
of a cd rom disk managing of returns,
and providing servicing etc,

The idea of the course is that you gather together 
the components and programmer for yourself and 
use the course material to train yourself in C 
programming.  Once you have setup the hardware
and programmer you program in the supplied hex
file to see how the code works.

You can then make changes starting from
known working hardware and software i.e.
you learn by doing - the best way in my opinion.

Best Regards John Main

P.S. The hardware you need to gather together
is detailed on this page:

The main items are an ICSP programmer 
and the PIC16F88 and the other ones 
you'll probably find on your bench if
you do standard microcontroller work.

For the PIC Programmer you need an ICSP
capable one that has GND,VPP(MCLR),PGC 
and PGD.  It also needs to that a hex file (most do) 
and has the 16F88 listed as a supported device.

The PicKit2 or PicKit3 is recommended as the programmer.

The MikroC compiler is free for 2k Hex output
so you don't need to buy it for this course as 
2k Hex output is more than enough for teaching 
C programming.

Note: Once familiar with C the SDCC Small Device 
C Compiler is a free open source compiler for 
embedded devices.

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