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Recent Articles

  1. Arduino String: How to read commands from the serial port.

    Sep 20, 19 11:13 AM

    For Arduino string operations you can use Object Class Strings or C style strings but which should you use? Also find out how to decode commands and control variables in your programs using strings.

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  2. A Real Time Clock design (DS1307) with a PIC microcontroller

    Sep 18, 19 12:39 PM

    Real Time Clock Design (FREE): A Free and Complete RTC design using the DS1307 and a PIC micro (16F88) also re-targetable. This PIC project uses an I2C Clock chip and 7-segment display to create a fou…

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  3. How to use the ADXL345 for movement sensing and more.

    Jul 27, 19 04:18 AM

    With the ADXL345 acellerometer you can detect up to 16g! You can also find out how to use it for tap detection and more.

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  4. Arduino Interrupt : There are Some You May Never Have Heard About!

    Jul 20, 19 11:46 AM

    Arduino Interrupt Tutorial: Find out how many external there are on an Arduino Uno - The answer is more than two!

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  5. Easy Switch Debounce

    Jul 14, 19 12:54 PM

    Switch debounce: Three different ways to debounce input push switches with one amazing method that you can't miss.

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  6. How to use the ADS1115

    Jul 12, 19 04:06 AM

    A tutorial on using the ADS1115 precision 16 bit ADC for low power use.

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