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Recent Articles

  1. ESP8266 Webserver in Lua

    Apr 02, 19 12:56 PM

    ESP8266 Webserver: This code shows you how to use lua to create a webserver using html button inputs to contrtol an LED on the ESP module.

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  2. ESP8266 NodeMCU Firmware: ESP8266 flash

    Mar 28, 19 11:56 AM

    How to flash nodemcu firmware into a ESP8266 so you can use the LUA scripting language.

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  3. NodeMCU Examples

    Mar 25, 19 07:31 AM

    Nodemcu examples starting off wioth simple ones and progressing to wifi coding. This is an excellent tutorial to start learning how to use nodeMCU with lua.

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  4. How to use ESPLorer to upload lua scripts

    Mar 21, 19 05:38 PM

    Find out how to download the ESPLorer and use it to upload lua scripts

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  5. The TCS230 Color Sensing Chip: How it works and how to use it.

    Mar 20, 19 10:49 AM

    How to use the TCS230 (/TCS3200) Color detector chip and easily add it to any of your projects.

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  6. How to Use the MAX7219 to drive an 8x8 LED display Matrix on the Arduino.

    Mar 20, 19 10:49 AM

    The Essential Guide to the MAX7219; What it is and how you can easily use one in any of your projects.

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