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Recent Articles

  1. Digispark Attiny85 Easy IDE install and setup

    Sep 21, 20 01:13 AM

    Digispark ATtiny85: Essential information on setting up and using this tiny, but powerful, chip

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  2. Magnetometer tilt compensation

    Sep 06, 20 02:11 PM

    How to make magnetometer tilt compensation work for a magnetometer such as a QMC5883L using an ADXl345 accelerometer.

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  3. How the HMC5883L 3-axis digital magentomter works

    Aug 13, 20 03:40 AM

    HMC5883L - How make a digital compass, Find out the differences between the HMC5883L and the QMC5883L and whether they are compatible.

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  4. Arduino absolute value - abs() - secrets revealed...

    Jul 28, 20 02:10 PM

    Secrets of Arduino absolute value abs() - Why it might fail, Why it may cause problems...and how to fix it.

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  5. Arduino Analog Output...Easy analog output generation

    Jul 25, 20 09:28 AM

    Arduino Analog Output: How to create the most accurate PWM analog ouput and how to create analog PWM sine waves.

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  6. ACS758 secrets...

    Jul 17, 20 09:40 AM

    Using the ACS758 to measure very high current

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