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Recent Articles

  1. Arduino Oversampling: How to Get More ADC Bits with No Extra Hardware!

    Apr 10, 21 02:39 PM

    Arduino oversampling is a technique to increase ADC resolution by reading more samples then decimating. It really does work!

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  2. How to use the ADS1115

    Apr 01, 21 07:07 AM

    A tutorial on using the ADS1115 precision 16 bit ADC for low power use.

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  3. Arduino Analog Output...Easy analog output generation

    Mar 20, 21 11:13 AM

    Arduino Analog Output: How to create the most accurate PWM analog ouput and how to create analog PWM sine waves.

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  4. DigitalWrite and equivalent fast macros. Speed up your code!

    Mar 08, 21 12:24 PM

    Find out how digitalWrite() works...Now use 17x Faster macros!

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  5. The TCS230 Color Sensing Chip: How it works and how to use it.

    Feb 15, 21 09:26 AM

    How to use the TCS230 (/TCS3200) Color detector chip and easily add it to any of your projects.

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  6. How to use the ADXL345 for movement sensing and more.

    Jan 14, 21 04:39 AM

    With the ADXL345 acellerometer you can detect up to 16g! You can also find out how to use it for tap detection and more.

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