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Recent Articles

  1. AD9833 a versatile easy to use signal generator on a chip

    Mar 28, 20 10:30 AM

    Find out how to use the AD9833 to generate sine, square and triangle waves at 0.1Hz resolution.

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  2. How to use an arduno Nano as an ISP (In System Programmer)

    Mar 19, 20 12:57 PM

    Arduino Nano ISP: How to program an ATmega328P using an Arduino Nano as the ISP programmmer. One common problem: Programming a sketch into the chip without a reset control - solved here.

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  3. Arduino Voltage Reference Capabilities

    Mar 04, 20 01:00 PM

    Arduino Voltage reference: Both the Uno and Nano have a built-in voltage reference: Find out how to make it more accurate. In addition find out how to use it to measure the supply voltage 1V8 ~ 5V5

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  4. Arduino EEPROM - how it works and how to use it - with examples.

    Dec 09, 19 10:56 AM

    Arduino EEPROM: How to use it and How to preserve the life of EEPROM. Two examples sketches to save multiple values to EEPROM.

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  5. How to use the ADS1115

    Oct 31, 19 07:49 AM

    A tutorial on using the ADS1115 precision 16 bit ADC for low power use.

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  6. The TP4056: Lithium Ion/polymer Battery Charger IC

    Oct 30, 19 01:01 PM

    Learn how to use the TP4056 properly. There's a right, and a wrong way, to use it to safely charge Lithium Ion batteries.

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