Microcontroller Projects Ideas

This section is all about giving you ideas for projects to implement using microcontrollers.  These projects typically do not contain microcontrollers as they are based on projects from several years ago.

Even though they are older designs (created by some of the best minds in history), the ideas they contain are still useful. You can use the information here to create your own projects using a microcontroller to make the system easier or you can just build them as they are described.

Project Ideas

Battery / Power

Universal battery recharge (dry cell) i.e. normal battery
Microprocessor controller / logic controller alkaline charger
Rechargeable Battery Protection Circuit
In circuit battery monitor

Sound Origin Direction Finder.
Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Circuit.
Frequency Shifting Electronic Stethoscope.
Automatic Instrument Tuner
Ultrasonic Temperature Measurement
Sonic pest repeller
Glass Break detector
Class D Hearing Aid Amplifier
Sound Microscope
Diesel Engine Sound Simulation.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
Ultrasonic Temperature Measurement
Ultrasonic range finder
Ultrasonic ground speed sensor
Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Circuit.
Ultrasonic tracking camera
Ultrasonic air flow speed sensor
Ultrasonic Atomizer circuit
Sonic pest repeller

Infrared Blind Spot Detector
Laser Tag Game

Electric Auto Window Circuit
Induction Loop Car Detector

Moisture Content Analyzer.
Sound Origin Direction Finder

Inductive data transfer

Laser Tag Game

Ultrasonic tracking camera.

Laser Distance Measurement
Laser Tag Game
Laser liquid level gauge

Stepper motor Control.
Stepper motor emf position detector.html
Overcurrent Detection Circuit for a motor

Moisture Content Analyzer
Thermoelectric Temperature Circuit
Measure Wind speed using transistor (Five components!)
Geiger counter circuit

Health/ Medical
Frequency Shifting Electronic Stethoscope
Nitinol memory wire fluid delivery
Air ionizer
Strain Gauge Electronic Scale
TENS Machine
Chemical concentration controller

Electromagnetic flow meter
Ultra sensitive metal detector.html
Magnetic potentiometer
Temperature compensated hall effect

Moisture Content Analyzer
Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor
Measure Wind speed using transistor
Ultrasonic Temperature Measurement
Capacitive fluid level sensor.
Laser Distance Measurement.
Colour Sensing Circuit.
Gem stone verification
Pipe length measurement circuit
Femto ammeter
Direct reading inductance meter
Fast reciprocal frequency counter
Shower head volume meter

Optical Mouse motion detector
Colour Sensing Circuit
Liquid level control using thermistors
3d ultrasonic positioning circuit
Mass flow sensor

LED air sign display
Laser Tag Game
Ultrasonic tracking camera
Windshield wiper system with rain detector

Coin Detector (electomagnetic)
Sound Origin Direction Finder
Colour Sensing Circuit

Microcontroller light dimmer
Nitinol memory wire fluid delivery

Targetting techniques
Laser Tag Game.

Out there ! Tools / Projects /Ideas
Moisture Content Analyzer
Nitinol memory wire fluid delivery

Transistor Only
Diesel Engine Sound Simulation
Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Circuit.
Measure Wind speed using transistor

Diesel Engine Sound Simulation

LED Brightness control circuit
Colour Sensing Circuit

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