Secrets Of State Machines

PIC State Machine Secrets, state machines

Is your software so complex that it's unmanageable?

You're in luck!

What if you could easily manage complex software using
a few simple techniques that work for any language?

Find out the method I use to reduce a complex system
into simple blocks of code.

I'll show you exactly how to use the method from
describing system operation to coding it up in C.
(Full source code and project files included).

The technique uses a graphical state machine to define
the whole system which you then convert into code.

A state machine is the ideal way to represent a complex
system because there is only one way of drawing a
state diagram (so it's well defined) and it's easy to
translate into code.

In this ebook you'll learn:

  • How you can easily convert a complex system
    description into easily managed code using a state machine.

  • How the state machine method works for any language!

  • How you can draw a state machine that converts easily
    into code (there's a few simple rules to follow).

  • How to map your state machine into switch
    statements making coding it up a trivial process.

  • How the state machine keeps code partitioned into
    easily managed blocks

  • Why the state machine method allows you to create
    as many independent coding blocks as you need.

Using two example projects! with full C source code.
The first is simple showing you the exact concept and
the second is a complex lcd/keypad menu system.

The ebook contains everything you need to understand
the state machine method.

And this ebook will give you specific techniques to
manage your code so you can construct complex, easily
maintainable programs.

Remember I said "What if you could easily manage
complex software using a few simple techniques that
work for any coding language?"

Well now you can!

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Best Regards John Main

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Note: The examples in the Ebook are for PIC microcontrollers but the C code
is easily used with Arduino. Techniques used map to any microcontroller.

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