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MCP23017 Specification

Voltage Supply (Vs)
1V8 ~ 5V5
Abs Max Voltage
-0V3 ~ 5V5
I2C Address (depends on ALT ADDR)
0x20 ~ 0x27
Interface Speed (kHz)
100, 400, 1700
Supply Current (idle): 1mA
Operational Current Max out of Vss [*] 150mA
Operational Current Max into Vdd [*] 125mA
Output current per pin 25mA
Standby Current 1uA
Operating temperature
-40°C ~ 85°C

Written by John Main who has a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Note: Parts of this page were written using chatgpt as a research assistant.

Warning: Never keep the device transmitting for more than 4ms.

Note: HMC and QMC chips output essentially the same data.


Note: The type uint32_t is the same type as "unsigned long".

TIP: You can find SMD chip markings here: http://www.smdmark.com


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